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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Open Data? <
Open Data is anonymized data to be presented to entrepreneurs, academics, application developers and other citizens. It is data that is confidential within the scope of information security and is presented openly to everyone.
How to Use?
Konya Open Data Portal in 5 Steps!
1. You can start using the portal by registering to Konya Open Data Portal. If you register to the portal, you can request data from the data requests menu, and share your success story on the portal by sharing your work with us.
2. You can search for the data set you need with the search box on the main page, and if you cannot find the data set you are looking for, you can request data from the Data Requests menu.
3. You can examine the categories presented in the Konya Open Data Portal and develop a project with the data sets in the category you are interested in.
4. If you are undecided about the datasets that you can use for your work, examining the most viewed or most frequently updated datasets can inspire you.
5. In the Success Examples section of the portal, you can review the projects developed and published by other users, and when you complete your own project, you can share your project with us and create an exemplary success story for other users.
How Can I Request Data?
To make a Data Request, you must register on the Konya Open Data Portal and log in to our website. By clicking on the Data Requests menu, you can see the data sets that other users have requested before and the status of their request. If the data set you will request has not been requested by another user before, you can send us your request by clicking the Request Data button and writing a description about the data set. The publication time of the data set varies according to the availability of the requested data set.
Can I publish my work using the published datasets on Konya Open Data Portal as an example of success?
You can set an example of success and inspire other users by sharing with us the projects or applications you have developed using the data sets in the Konya Open Data Portal. To share a success example, you must register on our website and follow the steps in the Success Examples menu.
Can I use the datasets without any restrictions?
Konya Open Data Portal uses Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. The datasets shared on the portal under the license can be used without any restrictions. For detailed information:
What formats can I download datasets in?
You can download data sets in XLSX, XLS, CSV, PDF, API, HTML, DOCX, ZIP, JSON, TXT, RDF, XML file formats in Konya Open Data Portal.